Behind the Veil: A Saudi Female Perspective.

– Originally posted 27th June 2013.

Behind the Veil 

Hello I’m Hanan Ali, I’m 24 years old and I’ll talking about the women behind the veil in Saudi Arabia.

First I’ll answer the most question they are asking us, why are you wearing hijab? As Quran itself says “to identify ourselves as being a Muslim.” That’s identifies me as being a Muslim woman so I have Islamic attitude that’s lets people know what to expect from me. So the hijab tells to everybody that’s woman who knows her words and she knows her values so don’t even try to play with her… lol.

In the other hand I think the modest dress liberates women from sexual objectification and empowers them to be treated on basis of their intellect and personality. And I always ask myself why when nuns are covered is consider as a great and modest women and we can see the same in picture of virgin Mary. But when Muslim women covered its considered suppression and subservience!!


In 1959 the first government girls schools was opened, and there was too many people against that decision, “as the Saudi tradition.”

Then the king said: “anyone does not want to teach his daughters, it’s his choice and the other will do!!” So now we have equal opportunities in education. By the way I’m Master’s student in medical biochemistry and I looking for to get PhD in future.


I can say in the last year there were many historical decisions. The first one was open the doors wide for women to enter the labor market. The Ministry of Labor rule that only females can work in women’s lingerie stores and other stores for women’s stuff!! The second was the Saudi king has granted women seats on the country’s top advisory council for first time, although it only drafts and proposes laws for the king, who rules with absolute authority!! Also the king has granted women the rights to vote in the kingdom’s municipal elections in the year 2015. And for my family I was the first girl who work in mixed workplace “women and men work with each other,” and now all my relatives support their daughters to study medicine and work on mixed workplaces. So the women here just need the trust then we will prove to them we are deserve it!!

The women driving issue…

Ohh what a stupid issue!! Actually the Islam does not mind that and there is no reason why they are not being issued with driving license. Women are taking active participation in the medical, academic, business, administration and even political fields so that really stupid!! So we just need historical decision from government to shut up all the arguments against that issue, and I think the government just keep it to make the people busy with stupid issue instead of focusing on the most important things!!  However the progression of women started a little late but “better late than never” and the reason is the Saudi tradition not the “Islam”…

When I write this post I see in twitter this video and I wanna share it with u. It’s about the Saudi women behind the veil, she is as normal as anyone of you and deserves the right to go throughout her life unmolested by stares, critic, or laughter.



  1. This is very interesting, thank you for posting. The video was an interesting perspective but the difference is that she is in a foreign country (presumably!) and has the right to choose to wear what she wants to. When I come to Saudi Arabia, I am not going to be allowed that freedom, I will have to cover up in public. Someone else decides that for me…I am going to find that difficult. So encouraging to hear about the recent changes for women though, that gives me hope that things will change, however slowly!

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